Earrings have their moment in the spotlight

Sometimes the latest trends in jewellery are so subtle that people outside the industry barely take notice. The popularity of platinum over white gold for engagement rings is a perfect example of this.

Other changes in fashion are far less subtle, especially when celebrities everywhere adopt them with religious zeal. The re-birth of the earring is one such trend. Now, we’re not claiming that earrings ever went completely out of style. It is just that in the past, the earring’s place in the hierarchy of an outfit has been somewhat humble.

Now though, it is the turn of the earring to shine. And we mean just earrings, plain and simple. Not earrings with a matching necklace or bracelet. This trend warrants only earrings and the ideal way to wear them is with no other jewellery at all.

Beyonce - Champion of the chandelier earring

The earrings of this trend are statement trophies but that doesn’t mean that they must be monumental in size. Of course some are and reverent earring champions like Beyoncé and Rhianna have adopted this trend in full tilt, choosing huge chandelier earrings so big they tickle your shoulders. However, some smaller styles still pack a strong fashion punch, making up for their diminutive stature with show-stopping colour.

Angelina Jolie custom-designed her emeralds, matching her feline eyes to truly stunning effect. Taking her earrings as the centre-piece, she keeps the rest of her outfit pared down in a timeless black gown. If you have blue eyes, choose sapphires to make them radiant or if your eyes are of more of an earthy hue, brown diamonds will highlight them beautifully.

Angelina Jolie at the Oscars 2009

How you wear this trend is key – we’ve already mentioned that other jewellery is surplus to requirements. Keep your make-up simple and ideally take your hair off your face to reveal your statement earrings in all their glory. Angelina’s half-up, half-down ‘do works well, as do romantically pinned up ringlets or even a tightly pulled back ponytail. Clothes should be understated and artfully arranged to complement the main feature, your earrings.

All the celebrities leading the way with this trend have a typically feminine look. Classic beauties such as Angelina Jolie and Beyoncé wear this trend so well because it is all about vintage-inspired, feminine pieces. From huge gems to pavee diamonds, the designs are classic with a nostalgic nod to the Hollywood Golden Era, when glamour always came first.